Nick Muir

I’ve been seeking out adventure and a healthier alternative to life since 87′. My life has been an abundance of sports involving muscle memory activity, so it was only natural I’d love CrossFit. I played baseball for about 15yrs from tee ball to college ball as well as snowboarder a solid 8yrs. After spending countless years at a globo gym, and not seeing the type of results desired, it was time for a change. I was attracted to CrossFit because the workouts looked extremely intense and strenuous due to mixing intensity, cardio and strength in one giant WOD. I’d see these athletes who had the cardio of a runner with the strength of a power lifter and I was immensely intrigued. To me CrossFit is the best option for encompassing a complete and total fitness regime that prepares you for the unknown, all while transferring those skills into daily activities. If your goal in life is to stay fit, healthy, active and enjoying every step along this unique path CrossFit is your door to that adventurous journey.