Jenna Rodriguez

Jenna grew up in the Central Valley outside Stockton, CA and attended Escalon High School. She

was active in club and school volleyball for approximately 10 years, receiving several athletic awards in

the sport. Jenna later received her B.S. in Environmental Sciences at UCLA, where she worked as a

recruiting assistant for UCLA Athletics’ “Blue and Gold” for four years. After moving back to Northern

California, Jenna attended UC Davis, receiving her Master’s in Hydrologic Sciences, where she is now

pursuing her PhD. While in Davis, Jenna remained active as a club volleyball coach for the Northern

California Volleyball Association (NCVA) 15 year old girls’ team at Valley Heat Volleyball Club. Jenna has

also been active in the U.S. Master’s Swimming Program, ran in the 2011 LA Marathon and found

CrossFit at CrossFit Davis in 2012.



Jenna Rodriguez

I fell in love with CrossFit after my first WOD, and have kept at it ever since. CrossFit is

something that has helped me stay fit and happy as a student, while traveling and as a new mother. I

absolutely love the CrossFit community, with some of my best memories made making friends at

CrossFit Davis and while training for a month at CrossFit Louvre in Paris, France in 2013. My biggest

testimony to Crossfit, however, was my experience in the sport throughout my pregnancy. I came to

Hidden Alley approximately 5 months into my pregnancy after deciding that CrossFit in my garage just

wasn’t delivering the motivation or betterment that I needed. I wholeheartedly attribute CrossFit to

providing me with the strength and endurance to get through an exceptionally long labor without

medication. Furthermore, maintaining my fitness accelerated my recovery, enabling me to keep up with

my newborn.


I became a CrossFit coach to share my own passion for the sport. Just like life, CrossFit is never

routine. I am here to help members sustain a high quality of life through improving their stamina,

strength and endurance that life demands from each of us on a daily basis. I am here as an athlete, a

coach, a student, and a mom, and can’t wait to get you through your first WOD!