Giovanni Podesto

Giovanni Podesto was born and raised in Modesto. He has been training for 4 years, and has given all of his efforts to help many individuals become fit. He has worked with all demographics including youth athletes from 5 years old to 18, collegiate athletes, individuals who have just finished physical rehabilitation, and senior citizens. He has worked as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and a strength and conditioning coach at a local athletic facility.

As a CrossFit Level 1 trainer, a certified personal trainer, and a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Gio has a clear understanding of proper form and loading, and equally as important, where each individual needs to start in order to make progressions. If you are not told at some point, you will surely hear him say things like “go lighter, take a small step backwards to make huge leaps forward.” Like all great coaches, he understands that creating proper movement patterns through the use of safe and controlled compound movements, corrective exercises, and mobility, we can create a beautiful and efficient body.

Gio strives on working with both competition level athletes, as well as new CrossFitters who are simply looking to increase their overall fitness. Though these individuals may have different goals, Gio firmly believes that we are all capable of achieving much more than expected. There is nothing that he wants more than to reach out to the community at large and prove that everyone has the ability to make their lives better with CrossFit. He has dedicated his life to helping others, and is confident that anybody that walks through HAC’s door will walk out with a new perspective of CrossFit.